Friday, November 6, 2015

It's coming together at last: Family style food, Alcohol, Deli, Downtown Fort Lauderdale, breakfast, lunch, and valet parking!

Need Pastrami?  Head for the Top Hat Deli in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Got a pastrami or matzoh brie craving?  Hungry for an ambient inexpensive meal in downtown Fort Lauderdale minus the bare plastic chairs and serving ware? Until now, the downtown choice in this city was posh pricey or fast food style.
At last we've been heard!   Top Hat Deli, located in the new residential and Arts district along the Mockingbird Trail west of Federal and east of the Rail Road tracks now calls to us with it's cheery ambience, wine and beer list and...Jewish ethnic comfort food that includes healthy alternatives with good salads and quick service.
Be Nice Restaurants

Operated by the Be Nice group of restaurants, you can be assured the quality and service at Top Hat will be consistent.  Be Nice also operates more posh locales such as Coconuts, Foxy Brown and the GB Oyster Bar.  No trendy layouts, The restaurant has a back intimate section with high-back leather seating in a quiet zone for lunchtime meetings; the sunny open area of the restaurant, with glass garage doors facing west, is a  warm space for enjoying good sandwiches and excellent omelettes with friends. Cozy high-backed booths complete with WiFi.. The owner confesses to being a foodie.  "When I travel, I visit as many delis as I can." He's taken notes about what NOT to do.

Think about the typical Manhattan deli:
A typical New York Style sandwich
(which lacks veggies)

-- dark floors
-- noise all around
-- the travails of urban culture
-- guilt ridden sandwiches with pounds of meat and virtually no veggies

-- healthy alternatives
-- fun Yiddish names we cherish (LOX! to make the LEO,  Lox Eggs and Onions)
-- AHHHH Rugelach!
-- Matzoh Brie
-- blintzes
-- pastrami

The deli is at 415 NE 3rd Street, at the southern border of Fat Village (Florida Art and Technology) to the side of the Greyhound bus station.

Rugelach (/ˈruːɡələx/; Yiddish: רוגעלך‎), other spellings: rugelakh, rugulach, rugalach, ruggalach, rogelach (all plural), rugalah, rugulah, rugala (singular), is a Jewish pastry of Ashkenazic origin. Traditional rugelach are triangular cresents of dough baked crisp around a filling
Rugelach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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