Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cultural Curiosities: Jinxed Fish, Gelato on a Bun, Fun in Nazi Uniforms (?)


Jinxed Fish, Gelato on a Bun, Twisted Nazi Uniform Fun

Putting Their Best Face Forward

If you’re eating a whole baked fish in Poland, why shouldn’t you flip it over?  Because it’s a superstition that flipping over a fish in a plate will flip over the fisherman’s boat in the water. 

Alcohol is an Arabic name for an eye makeup known as kohl.  

Gelato with a haircut to match
In Palermo, Italy, gelato is served on a bun; it gets hot there and thus the perfect solution for catching every drop as it melts.  

Very few people in Austria have seen the movie The Sound of Music.  Its English music has too many rhyming words that don’t translate well into their native language.  

Middle Eastern gas stations are mostly all full service.  There is no self service option.  Plus, there are no gas stations with credit card readers; cash only.  

In the town of Malanka in Ukraine, residents dress up as Nazis and create simulated wartime checkpoints to celebrate the end of World War II. 

Greenland, an autonomous country and the world’s largest island, is owned by the country of Denmark.

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