Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sneak Preview Our Updated Havana Book---- See the Real Havana behind the Monuments

We traveled to Havana looking to see how the people really lived and worked, not just the famous monuments, bars and old cars.  This edition of the Havana book gives glimpses of those everyday thing

We'll take you for a drive and give you dining experiences
Remember... these are draft "mockups."  The final version is not yet ready, but you can get a sense of the vibrant colors and the energy of the city from the visual layout.   This is not another "Steve production."  
Read Havana and find your way through the city
This is an ongoing product from my talented "geek" (tenderly meant) nephew who will is assisting me in creating some EXCELLENT highlights from my visit to Havana.    This will be the second edition of the book that was released as an ebook in 2012.

You'll feel like you're actually walking the local streets

You can imagine yourself sitting right here, enjoying life

HAVANA will show you what to expect when dining out