Sunday, February 22, 2015

Part 3 of 5 : Places to See in Havana (Leave a bag behind)

See Part 2 of this series -- Before you go (what to watch on YouTube)

Let's look at four places...

A Place to See (1)

Plaza de la Revolución

This is the plaza with the famous outline of Che Guevara  on a building and the five-sided Martí tower.


Leave Something in Havana
While you are in the area, go to the Foreign Languages department’s FLEX building  and take some university students to lunch.

Here’s a post from

Make time to speak with locals.   Many people come to Cuba for the museums, Habana Vieja, the music, the shows, the beaches.  Fine.  Enjoy them.  But visit the University of Havana.
Look for the Foreign Language Faculty (near the national bus station and about three blocks east of the Plaza de la Revolucion).     Stay away from prostitutes.  You have what 10 million people want:  The U.S. accent.  You can help them improve their English by talking with them, by listening to them and by sharing what you know.

Look for a snack shop on 19 de Mayo Calle (east of the national bus station) in the photo below, west of Ayestaran.

Ask students where they go after class. 

A Place to See (2)
Lennon Park, Vedado.  The statue is near the corner of Calle 6 and Calle 17.

 Leave Something in Havana

Go to Cuba Libro, an English language bookstore at Calles 24 and 19.

Author Shirley Langer reads a selection from her novel Anita's Revolution
Why not participate in an event at the bookstore?  This photo was taken from the Cuba Libro Facebook page.

See Part 2 of this series -- Before you go (what to watch on YouTube)

Have you clicked "LIKE" at Cuba Libro?   If not, click HERE

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