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Part 2 of 5: Leave a Bag in Havana -- BEFORE YOU GO... how to prepare

What else?  Check these websites and blogs:

Before You Go

Watch videos

Audrey Flack, an artist from New York City, made a service trip to Havana in April 2014. 

Here are some frame shots of videos that are available on YouTube.  You might find it helpful to see the type of interaction that is possible in a city that has been isolated rom the Internet and much of consumerism for a half century.  It’s like a trip back in time.

Audrey Flack (left) with interpreter Rosa from the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Audrey in Havana 5 of 15
Channel:  visual active

Find out about Cuban culture.  Learn about “team dominos” (which has different rules from the individual, “winner takes all” version of the game played in the USA).  Mario Llorente describes dominos and the culture of communication between players. 

Search terms:  “Mario llorente describe collaboration team dominos youtube”

Learn about the education system.

Mario Llorente describes the “beca” system (high school)
Here’s a quote from Mario’s video series:  “Parents normally come to school often.    The teacher will go to your house at least once a year.  It can be weekends or weekdays.  I remember one of my teachers Jose Pazo who biked to every house on a weekend, spending Saturday going house to house.  Maybe the family is playing dominos and he will drink a beer with your father.”  (starting in minute 11)

Watch some travel videos

See “Episode 39 - Havana Part 1”

in a YouTube video series by TravelingRobert (the name of a YouTube account)

A school teacher shared some of his observations from a visit to Havana.  See the first minute for some photos of Cuba Libro (Calle 24 and Calle 19).

Search “Calle 19 Havana See Connor Gorry”

Visit Social Media

Click on the Facebook page for Cuba Libro.  Find out what might be happening at the store while you are on the island: 

Read blogs by Connor Gorry is the obvious choice.  She helped found Cuba Libro, the first English language book store in Havana with a juice bar.  Here’s an excerpt from a post in November 2014:

Surrounded by punchy bright flowers, relaxing, windows thrown wide. The breeze and verdant hour and laughter of passersby intoxicate. Inventing parties, creating drama, swapping art and clothes and women, maintaining levity despite – and because of – life’s hardships: this is Havana. The unhinged enthusiasm dominoes, flirting, a robust buffet, and pelota (especially if it’s Industriales vs Matanzas like tonight) can occasion: this too, is Havana.

Look at some books about Cuba

Here’s a link to an ebook about Havana with photos from November 2012.

Matt Blazek’s book of photos
Search terms:  “Matt Blazek, writer Havana Amazon”

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