Saturday, December 20, 2014


Here's a sampling of local Cuban products that aren't costly high art.
This is a shelf from  local market. Cuban has many non-wheat alcoholic products.

Small street markets sell local condiments.  Bottles are reused.

This plate of local fruit represents all the variety available in November.  Cuban food is limited
to what's grown in Cuba.

The largest collection of vendors with local crafts

The crafts center has many isles of vendors

Products proudly shown by an old-time vendor

Cuban themed T-shirts are abundant but most cotton is imported.

If you can't buy cigars, carvings are available

Recycled products often are recycled into art

Bongos -- the famous Cuban cliche

Carvings of cliche Cuban with bongos

Resin or leather statues for filling suitcases

Inexpensive fans locally made

Guava pulp is traditional for Cuban pastries

Here's a collection of local condiments and household items

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