Monday, December 22, 2014

How to maintain a blog and make a “blog post”

A blog post is an article that we put on the blog.

Step 1:  Enter your gmail account.   Go to and enter the account email address and the password.
For example:

Password:  1xxxxxxxx1

Step 2:  Type in a new window:   This will get us into the blogging software.

Step 3:  The list of blogs shows up.  Click on the ORANGE PEN icon in the blog that you want to add to. 

Step 4:  Type in the headline.  These words are important for the search engines.  “My latest adventure” gets less attention than “Walking Tour of Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, with review of Rio Brazil Restaurant.”

Step 5:  The article   Choose the font size.  I like “LARGE” because the typical design of the blogs that gives you use very small type.  You are writing for many people and it’s nice to have several photos surrounded with type.  You can type less if you have larger words. 

Step 6:  Add photos.  Click on the “photo” icon near the word “Link” on the top row just below the headline of the blog article.

Step 7:  Put captions under the photos.  You can find the caption link in the list of “things to do” under or over the photo … see the image below.

Step 8:  Add Key Words in “Labels”.  These words are used to find the article.   They are important for some search engines.

Add a link to your text by highlighting some words and then click on the LINK to paste in the link to the webpage.

Step 9:  Find a YouTube video to support the article (and use the blog article to point people to a YouTube video)
Click on the icon for “movie”
Put the video’s link into the narrow box that appears.

Click to confirm.

Step 10:  Add the details.   Put in more photos, make some of the sentences BOLD and add color. 

  Step 11:  Hit "Save" at least every three minutes.  Hit "Publish" (the orange button) to put the article on your blog.


<<< notice the settings location.

This is helpful for handling the blog.

You can also change the template and appearance of your blog.
It’s possible to add posts to the blog directly from a mobile phone.  Put yourself in a wifi zone.

You need to find the SETTINGS part of your blog space.

look left and click on the SETTINGS tool

Look for the MOBILE and EMAIL part of settings.

Look at the section under "EMAIL" and you will see how to set
up the address for your blog to receive an article

Type in an easily remembered name for the blog

  When you make changes, hit SAVE SETTINGS.

How to use the email feature

Step 1:  Create an email message.  

Step 2:  Put the following address in the email “TO”:

The subject of the message becomes the headline for the blog post.

The message area is what appears in the article.  

Attach the photo or photos that you want to upload.

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