Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photos from the Road 1-20

Photos from the Road 1-20

Outside San Miguel de Allende.
There's a "golden corridor" or golden mile north of the town of San Miguel and we found this home with a view of the valley.

Barcelona, 2005.
We had taken a "hop on, hop off" bus to the Sagrada Familia.  We got off the bus near the large church and I noticed this poster with the lineup of motor scooters.  

Disney World.
We have been told that omega-3 in salmon is important for maintaining the brain's health and proper funcitioning of the heart and circulation.  Loud music, funky decor and a brand name blazing in neon over Downtown Disney:  It was a perfect evening.

Corfu 2005.  

We think it's a man boob.

Corfu 2005
When we zipped past this sign, we had to stop and return to make a photo.  The sign was posed near a restaurant that had a row of 

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